Office Visits

New Sign-In Protocol

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily closed our sign-in computer, brushing station, and game center.

  1. Please fill out the Health Questionnaire online or later in the office for today's visit.
  2. Brush your teeth before coming to our office.
  3. Stay in the car when you arrive.
  4. TEXT or CALL our office with patient’s name to sign in.
  5. We will text or call you when it is your turn to come in.
  6. One parent/guardian may accompany with the child. Please wear facial covering for all personnels.
  7. We will screen and check patient’s temperature.
  8. We will text or call you when your child is finished with treatment.

If You Are a First-Time New Patient:

Please prepare for your first appointment by completing the new patient information and privacy policy forms online: 

Or you can download both forms to your computer to complete at home. Then bring them with you to your first appointment.


因新冠狀病毒流行, 我們暫時關閉報到的電腦, 刷牙台及遊戲機.

  1. 請線上填寫今天看診的健康問卷, 或稍後進診所填寫
  2. 請出發前先刷牙.
  3. 到達診所後請待在車上.
  4. 發短信打電話到診所告知姓名.
  5. 當輪到您的時候我們會發短信或打電話告知.
  6. 一位家長可以陪伴孩子進診所. 請所有人都戴上口罩.
  7. 我們將會檢查及測量體溫.
  8. 孩子看診結束後, 我們會發短信或打電話告知.




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